Bolshoi Ballet : Swan Lake

2018.05.27(SUN) ~ 2018.05.29(TUE) |Opera Theater

Bolshoi Ballet : Swan Lake

SAC presents

Detailed Informance
Date 2018.05.27(SUN) ~ 2018.05.29(TUE)
Time 7:30PM
VenueOpera Theater
Age restriction For ages 8 and above
Running Time 150 minutes
Genre Dance
Price R 250,000won / S 180,000won / A 120,000won / B 70,000won
Host 예술의전당, 빈체로
Inquiry 02-599-5743
Supporter/Sponsor 삼성카드

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10% discount for SAC Patrons and SAC Gold, 5% for SAC Blue and Green.

[In Korean]

※ 티켓오픈
- 예술의전당 유료회원(후원,골드,블루,그린,예당우리V카드) : 3월 29일(목) 오전 11시
- 예술의전당 일반회원(싹틔우미,노블회원 포함) : 3월 30일(금) 오전 11시   

※ 전산 작업으로 인해, 일반회원 오픈 당일인 3월 30일(금) 오전 10시 50분부터 11시까지 10분 동안 예매가 불가합니다. 이 점 양해 부탁드립니다.


※ 5월27일(일) 공연은 삼성카드 셀렉트로 진행되며 삼성카드 컬처페이지에서만 예매가능합니다.             


음악 | 표트르 일리치 차이콥스키 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
출연 | 볼쇼이 발레단 The Bolshoi Ballet
연주 | 볼쇼이 오케스트라 The Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
지휘 | 파벨 클리니초프 Pavel Klinichev
감독 | 마하르 바지예프 Makhar Vaziev
안무 | 유리 그리고로비치 Yury Grigorovich
무대 | 시몬 비르살라제 Simon Virsaladze
조명 | 미하일 소콜로프 Mikhail Sokolov
볼쇼이 발레단 <백조의 호수>
- 율리야 스테파노바 Yulia Stepanova
수석 무용수
2015년 볼쇼이 발레단 솔리스트 입단
2014년 탈리오니(Taglioni)상 ‘베스트 영 발레리나’ 수상
전) 마린스키 발레단, 스타니슬라브스키 발레단
- 아르템 아브차렌코 Artem Ovcharenko
수석 무용수
2008년 페름 아라베스크 국제 발레콩쿠르 금메달
2007년 볼쇼이 발레단 입단
- 알료나 코발료바 Alyona Kovalyova
2016년 볼쇼이 발레단 입단
- 자코포 티시 Jacopo Tissi
퍼스트 솔리스트
2017년 볼쇼이 발레단 입단
전) 라 스칼라 극장 발레단
[캐스팅 일정]
5월 28일(월) 7:30 PM
오데트/오딜 l
  율리야 스테파노바
지그프리트 왕자 l  아르템 아브차렌코
5월 29일(화) 7:30 PM
오데트/오딜  l
  알료나 코발료바
지그프리트 왕자 l 자코포 티시
*본 공연의 캐스팅은 발레단의 요청에 따라 예고 없이 변경될 수 있습니다.

Note for Ticket Purchases, Refunds and Exchanges

All performances, except for children-specific ones, are suitable for elementary school students and older. Preschoolers are not permitted although being accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The maximum number of tickets allowed to be purchased per online order (e.g., web, mobile) is 10. If you would like to purchase more than 10 tickets for a group, please call the Service Plaza (02-580-1300)

Lost tickets are non-refundable or non-exchangeable as tickets are value instrument papers

We are not responsible for the tickets by individual transactions other than purchase through specified ticketing system or Service Plaza

Cancellation Fees

Refund information
Classification Cancellation fee Note
10 days before the event No charge
9 days to 1 day before the event 10% of paid amount In case of tickets purchased up to 3 days before the performance, there will be no cancellation fee if cancelled on the day of the purchase (call or visit Service Plaza: ~20:00 / homepage or mobile: ~23:59)
On the day of the event Seoul Arts Center’s planned event 90% of paid amount Before the event starts
Rental event Non refundable 1 day before the event
(include SAC co-presented event)

If there is any difference in refund policy depending on the performance or exhibition, it will be posted on the detail page separately. Since the rule specified on the page takes precedence over the general one above, please be sure to check detail pages.

Payment methods

※ SAC points cannot be earned from March 6, 2017.

Credit card (or check card)

Payable up to the event day

- Homepage (

- Mobile web (

- Box Office

- Service Plaza (Information & Tickets)

Virtual account

Payable up to 5 days before the event day

- Homepage (

- Mobile web (

SAC points

Payable up to the event day

- You can make full payment by using your points

- Homepage (

- Mobile web (

- Box Office

- Service Plaza (Information & Tickets)

- A customer can use points which were collected by March 5, 2017.

Refund by payment methods * A refund is only possible with the same payment method as used in booking

Credit card (or check card)

Approval cancellation by credit card company

- Within 4 to 5 days from the requested date

- Under the rules of refund by relevant credit card company

- Cancellation fee will be charged to customer’s credit card

Virtual account

Refund to the account in the name which the reservation is made in

- Within 2 working days from the requested date

- Refund after deducting cancellation fee

SAC point

Use of point approval cancellation

- Within 2 days from the requested date

How to receive a ticket

Box Office

- Ticket pickup at venue on the event day

- It operates one and a half hours prior to the start of a performance through its intermission

- Without a break, it operates until 40 minutes after the start of the performance

Service Plaza

- Located in the Vitamin Station

- Located in the Vitamin Station

- Inquiry: 02-580-1300 (all the year round)

- Not for tickets booked through other ticket agency’s sales channel

Ticket Delivery

- Mail delivery request: available only for a ticket booked no later than 2 weeks (14 days) before event day

- Delivery charge: prepayment KRW 2,500 per delivery

-Time it takes a ticket to arrive: within 4 to 5 working days from mail delivery request

Note for receiving a ticket

- Customers who have benefited from discounts (e.g. discount coupons and membership discounts, special discounts for the disabled, national merits, SAC Teens, noble members, students, seniors and last-minute tickets) must be able to present proof of eligibility when collecting discounted tickets. If a customer fails to present such certification, he or she must pay for the full ticket price to enter the venue.

- The Box Office is very crowded when an event is about to begin. We strongly recommend collecting your ticket at least 30 minutes before the performance starts.

Ticket Cancellation Information

Booking online (Homepage

To cancel a reservation, a customer can check the reservation details in My Page on the website or through Service Plaza (02-580-1300)

Phone booking

To cancel a reservation, a customer can check the reservation details in My Page on the website or through Service Plaza (02-580-1300). In the case of non-member booking made until March 5, 2017, please contact Service Plaza.

If a customer received booked tickets through visiting Service Plaza or mail delivery

A customer must return tickets to Service Plaza until 8:00pm one (1) day before event day to get a refund.

※ Partial Cancellation

- Partial Cancellation is allowed EXCEPT FOR the tickets paid by SAC point or gift card, and special offer like ‘buy one get one free’ ticket. For more information and inquiry, please call Service Plaza (02-580-1300)

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